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Journal Papers
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Cooperative Load Transportation using Multiple UAVs (Aerospace Science and Technology) Spring 2019
Distributed implementation of Kalman object tracker with discrete asynchronous measurements(IET Radar, Sonar & Navigation June 2018
Sliding Mode Approach for Formation Control of Multi-agent Systems with Unknown Nonlinear Interactions(ISA Transaction Summer 2018
3D Position Control of Robots Based on Distributed Real-time Vision Navigation System(Tabriz Journal of Electrical Engineering) Winter 2018
Adaptive Fuzzy Wavelet Network Control of Second Order Multi-Agent Systems with Unknown Nonlinear Dynamics (ISA Transaction June 2017
Generalized-Lipschitz Condition in the Predictor Designing for Nonlinear Input delay Systems (Submitted to System & Control letters) Spring 2017
Design of an H∞-PID Controller for an UAV Auto-Landing System Based on External Navigation )Modares Mechanical Engineering( September 2017
Consensus in First Order Nonlinear Multi-Agent Systems with State Time Delays Using Adaptive Fuzzy Wavelet Networks(Transactions of the Institute of Measurement and Control)(under review Summer 2017
Design and implementation of automatic landing system for UAVs via ground-based vision navigation system (Journal of Aeronautical Engineering ) September 2017
Robust H∞ control of single input-delay systems based on sequential sub-predictors ,IET control & theory App September 2014
Closed-loop control of dead time systems via sequential sub-predictors, International Journal of Control February 2013
Graph Theoretical Methodsto Study Controllability and Leder Selection for Dead-Time Systems, Transactions on Combinatoric September 2013
Conference Papers
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طراحی و پیاده سازی سیستم فرودخودکار برای هواپیمای بدون سرنشین بر اساس سیستم ناوبری تصویری زمین پایه (دومین کنفرانس ملی ناوبری) December 2016
تعیین موقعیت بلادرنگ سه‌بعدی ربات پرنده با ترکیب تصاویر دوربین‌های ثابت زمینی با استفاده از فیلتر کالمن توزیع شده (دومین کنفرانس ملی ناوبری) December 2016
Cooperative Load Transport Using Multiple Quadrotors February 2015
Robust predictor for uncertain dead time systems, UKACC September 2012
Input Time Delay Systems Identification Via Wavelet approach, ICCA July 2010
كنترل سيستم هاي خطي با تاخير در ورودي با روش پيشگويي حالت (شانزدهيمن كنفرانس مهندسي برق ايران April 2008
Parametric Identification of Input-delaySystems with Unknown Time Delay , CCC July 2007

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